Community mapping examples

I recently gave a talk about community mapping at a Living Streets Aotearoa meeting. This post contains the examples of community mapping that I mentioned in the talk. All these examples all fall within my general area of research, i.e. social health and wellbeing, and almost all of these examples use google maps.

Note:  By “community mapping” I mean maps made by the community. There are other things it might possible be called or related to: neogeography, participatory mapping, volunteered geographic information, collaborative mapping etc. I didn’t have time to figure out the appropriate name.

Example 1: Mapping the location of fruit and urban edibles

Example 2: Bicycle routes

  • MapMyRide
  • Bikely
  • Ride the City – safe bike routes in NYC,. This is more a map for the community than a map by the community, but I thought it was interesting

Example 3: Walkability & Cycleability audits

Example 4 – Mapping perceptions of the environment

  • Rescue Geography’s Eastside project – not all these are collaborative, but there are interesting google earth and google maps that include stories, quotes, photos, video and ambinet sounds of the city. There is also an interesting cycling perceptions project underway.

4 responses to “Community mapping examples

  1. Thanks Suzanne for a very thought provoking introduction to community mapping – nice work 🙂

  2. Good to see people all around the world are getting involved in this. I’ve started trying to build one in Melbourne too.

  3. Hester Deschamps

    I have a multigrade class in rural area in South Africa. Want to do a comjmunity map with them. Any ideas for a 3D that can be put up on the wall. ?

  4. Reblogged this on Approaching Learning and commented:
    This is a nice collection of ideas for community mapping projects with some cool tech integration. I can imagine are all sorts of interesting iterations for something like this: Map a Fruit Tree.

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